White Rising

White Rising

Alfred Knopf, 1981

Here find both sides of King Philip’s War (1675-76) in which one out of ten English colonists in the New World died, while almost every man of the warring tribes (mostly Wampanoag and Nipmuck) over the age of fourteen was killed or enslaved and sent to the Caribbean; the tribal women and children who accepted Christianity would work as servants to the English.

White AuthorA stark demanding historical novel which offers a plausible, attractive, destiny-driven hero in a fascinating, hopeless situation...Kirkus Review

Breaks barriers in its genre… Booklist

Zane Kotker’s ambitious effort to describe the war from the inside (or, rather, from both insides) is entirely successful…The New Yorker

Imaginative recreation of the past…spare, restrained language… Los Angeles Herald Examiner

Extraordinary…I’d call it Shakespearean…Boston Magazine


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