“Two Women with Wine Glasses,” retitled as “The Color of Trees by Night,” appears in Goodnight, Ladies, 2016
Listen to Zane read this story for the Gallery of Readers, recorded June 10, 2016:


“How’re You Feeling?” retitled as “Swimming in the Interim,” Notre Dame Review, 2013

“He Remembered His Life,” The Antioch Review, 2011
Listen to an audio recording here.

“Pots, ” The Summerset Review, 2011
Read it here, Nominated for Pushcart

“Set Free In Florida,” The Antioch Review, 2010

“What’s Wrong with Sushi?” Gargoyle, 2010

“Minutes,” Alaska Quarterly Review, 2009

“What She Wants to Know This Time,” Quiddity International Journal, 2009
Nominated for Pushcart, listen to it here.

“A Dog with Yesterday’s Name,” Gargoyle, 2008

“The Grand Boy,” June 2008

“Repeating Second Grade,” Hayden’s Ferry Review, 2007

“The Boy Who Walked to Distant Lands,” Blackbird, 2007
Read it here.

“Going to Granada with a Young Man,” Summerset Review, 2006
Read it here.

“Big Wheels,” Paris Transcontinental, 1994