The Boy Who Walked to Distant Lands

The Boy Who Walked to Distant Lands

Levellers Press, 2018

In a set of eleven stories, the critically acclaimed novelist Zane Kotker pulls readers into the lives of characters caught in apparently inescapable situations.

“So smart, so rich with knowledge and full of feeling. Zane Kotker’s stories give us a multiplicity of characters and situations to drink down thirstily.”
—Rosellen Brown, author of Before and After

“Kotker’s strong, varied voices sing through these stories, revealing surprising angles and insights about characters we’re all familiar with. Her atmospheric prose draws the reader into her world, immersing us in her vision one compact gem at a time.”
—Susanne Dunlap, author of The Musician’s Daughter

“A thoughtful, wide, and deeply empathic collection.”
—Roger King, author of Love and Fatigue in America